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Jose Bautista Hits His 40th Homer: Jays Still Lose to Yankees

Blue Jays 3 Yankees9

There were some good parts to that game.


  • Jose Bautista hit his 40th homer.
  • Brett Lawrie made a amazing catch on a Russell Martin line drive. 
  • Edwin Encarnacion went 3 for 4.
  • Mark Teahen doubled his hit count as a Jay.
  • J.P. Arencibia had a hit and a walk. 
  • Jesse Litsch pitched a good inning.
  • Stephen Harper was at the game and stayed till the end. 


I'm sure there were other good parts. Brett Cecil didn't pitch that badly. The bad inning was set up by a single just beyond McCoy's glove at short, Yunel might have made the play. Or Hechavarria. Then the Yankees got a phantom hit batter. The pitch hit the knob of the bat, but the plate umpire decided it was a hit batter. Yankees argue they overturn, we argue it is ignored. Or someone gets thrown out. Then Jeter hits one out. Brett also gave up a Yankee Stadium homer to ARod. The replays of Alex being pissed off and throwing his bat after the pop fly that cleared the right field fence were pretty funny. 

Jon Rauch gave up his 11th homer of the seasno in the 8th. I'm curious to know what the Jay's record is for most homers allowed by a reliever. Brian Tallet gave up 13 as a reliever last year, but maybe someone had more. Rommie Lewis relieved Rauch and tried out for the role of next reliever to be released. 

Jay of the Day: Mark Teahen (.128 WPA). Never thought you'd see it did you? Suckage numbers go to Cecil (-.156), Jose Molina (-.111, 0 for 3), Dewayne Wise (-.107, 0 for 4) and Kelly Johnson (-.101, 0 for 4).

Tomorrow we start a four game set against the Red Sox in Toronto at 1:00 Eastern. Jose Beckett (12-.5, 2.54) goes against Henderson Alvarez (1-2, 3.52). Henderson did great against the Orioles in his last start. The Red Sox will be a tougher test.