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Blue Jay Activate Dustin McGowan

Words I thought I would never type, the Jays activated Dustin McGowan from the DL today. At least for the time being, he will work out of the bullpen. He wants to start but that might not happen for a little bit. He won't be available until Tuesday. Farrell says he will get plenty of time to warm up and will only be use at the start of innings.

John Farrell's back for todays game too. I'm sure he'll be happier than sitting at home watching the games on TV. I'll be happier with him as the active manager too, no offense Don.

Eric Thames will also be back in the line up but not Yunel Escobar. Colby Rasmus is still a few days away.

Have to share this thwip from Mike Wilner:

Boston reporter to @blawrie13 - "Where are you from in Canada?" "British Columbia" "Where's that?

Reminds me of Rick Mercer's 'Talking to Americans' show. Don't worry, there are lots of ignorant Canadians too.