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Blue Jay September Call Ups

The Blue Jays have called up 6 players from Las Vegas:  Adam Loewen, Kyle Drabek; David Cooper; Chad Beck, Daniel Farquhar and  Brad Mills.

I guess the surprise, to me, of the group is Chad Beck, but he throws hard, might be interesting to see what he can do in the bullpen. No Hechavarria. Personally I'd like to have seen a middle infielder and Adeiny wouldn't have cost us anything. I guess he is playing Fall League but still, we are short in the middle of the field.

Very happy to see Loewan get a shot and Cooper getting another look. It won't hurt to see if Loewan could be a fourth outfielder type. And Cooper, well, they gave up on him fairly quickly earlier this year so I hope he gets some at bats.

I liked watching Farquhar pitch in Vegas while I was there. Having the ball come at batters at a different angle doesn't hurt. Mills can be depth in the pen. Drabek? I'm sure the team wants him to work with Bruce Walton and Pat Hentgen.