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Take a Guess: Which September Pitching Call Up Will Get the Most Innings?

We know who the September call ups are, which one of the pitchers do you think will get the most innings?

Chad Beck? He didn't have much luck in Vegas, but throws hard, but he throws hard, could be useful in relief.

Kyle Drabek? He had a pretty lousy year, with the odd good start, here and there. Maybe he'll get a couple starts.

Danny Farquhar? He looked good the couple times I saw him in Vegas. THe side arm style of delivery would give hitters something new to figure out.

Brad Mills? Might work as a long man out of the pen or might get a start if they get tired of running Luis Perez out there.

I was going to add Dustin McGowan to the list, but I am hoping he gets a good look this month, I think he'd be the easy winner of the poll.