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Take a Guess: Which September Call Up Will Get the Most At Bats?

We did this with the pitchers, lets see which batter people think will get the most at bats.

David Cooper? Led the PCL in batting. I wouldn't mind seeing him get a decent look. I wish they would have given him more than 33 at bats, before giving up on him, when he was here earlier this year.

Adam Loewen? He didn't have a great August but was on a roll in his 5 September games, .294/.429/.647/. And he can play in the outfield. We aren't exactly swimming in great outfielders at the moment, with Colby Rasmus and Rajai Davis injured. I'd like to see him play some.

Chris Woodward? Almost got an at bat last night. He was on deck when Brett Lawrie had the homer. If Yunel is out for a while, he could get into a few games. He was the choice for pinch runner, yesterday, which is the job I'd like them to call Darin Mastroani up to handle.