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What's Love But What Shows Up In the Dark? 9/7 Game Thread, Red Sox at Jays

Yesterday wasn't the most fun Jays game, was it? Luis Perez has done a decent job out of the bullpen and as swingman for the Jays this season but I'm not sure I see the point in giving him many more starts.

But it was great to see Dustin McGowan back on the mound - in fact, almost worth getting blown out by Boston. The Jays look to bounce back today behind starter Brandon Morrow. The run and change of space between Morrow's ERA and his FIP and xFIP suggest he's been unfortunate, but his tRA has jumped significantly this season (it's 3.92 at the moment) and he has become more of a flyball pitcher. Brandon has all but abandoned his curveball this season, cut down on the use of his changeup, and relied more heavily on his slider and fastball, which makes sense considering those are the two pitches that have been successful for him this year. It'd be nice to see him finish the season strong.

Tim Wakefield pitches for Boston and what is there to say about him.

Today's title comes from the great New Pornographers' song "Up in the Dark." Just heard Ted Leo do a great version of it on the Best Show, which really is pretty much the best show for any music and/or comedy fans out there. I can't believe there are two one-stop shops to get my Paul F. Thompkins and Ted Leo fix (the other being the great Sound of Young America) (well, three including this video).