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Wednesday Bantering: Adam Loewen, Dustin McGowan

Yesterday Dustin McGowan appeared in a major league game for the first time since July 8, 2008. Today Adam Loewen will appear in a game for the first time since July 6, 2008. I wonder if that has ever happened before, 2 players getting into a game for the first time for three years, on consecutive days. 

There are other cool things about tonight. It is the first time in Blue Jay history that we have had 2 Canadians in the batting order. And they are hitting back to back in the batting order. Now if they could homer back to back that would be something. It will be an interesting night for Loewen's first game as a batter comes against Tim Wakefield

John Farrell has also said that Adam Lind will be given a few days off. He's had a sore wrist for the last few days so they are going let him rest it, since we have an extra couple of first basemen.

Farrell also said that the plan, at least as it sits now, is to have Luis Perez start Wednesday, but they could changed their minds and have Dustin start. I really hope they do. 

Mike Wilner tweeted the numbers out new Jays will be wearing: Beck-58, Cooper-30, Drabek-4, Farquhar-49, Loewen-39, Mills-59.

I wanted to write about Dustin McGowan this morning, but everyone was writing about him, so I decided against it. I'm sure that there will be more chances. But wasn't that one of the most incredible moments ever from a Jays game. At the end of the season, when we list our favorite games, that one will be near the top of the list. What is your favorite game of the season, so far?