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A Million Drunk Bostonians: Jays 7, Boston 4

Well, that was a fun one!  Who would've thought the Jays would have taken this four-game series after game two?  Lots of good stuff today. 

On the Mound:

Ricky Romero was terrific.  He kept Boston completely off the board until well into the 7th, striking out 7 and walking 3.  His final line doesn't look as good as he was, but trust me, he had his stuff working.  Things got a little dicey in the 7th when the Red Sox managed to package a walk with a couple of hits, partially aided by a Yunel Escobar mistake in the field.  Two runs charged to Romero scored on a single after he left the game.  A very fine start for Ricky. 

At the Plate:

One of the best things about today was some great contributions from some of the youngest Jays.  David Cooper had two doubles and an RBI single.  J.P. Arencibia hit a 3-run home run.  Eric Thames went deep as well, and Brett Lawrie added a single and double of his own.  Edwin Encarnacion also went deep and doubled.  

On the Mound:

Casey Janssen came in to relieve Romero in the 7th and gave up a groundball single before completing the inning.  He was terrific in the 8th, protecting the Jays' lead with a K, a popup, and a weak grounder.  Frankie Francisco was okay in the 9th.  He left a 1-2 pitch up and in and it got smashed, and then managed to close out the game around another couple of baserunners.  He was throwing hard and with plenty of movement, but didn't seem to have a great idea of where he was going with the ball.  

All in all, great series, and great fun in the game thread.  Jays of the Day:  Romero, Arencibia, with honourable mention for Lawrie and Cooper.  A Domani!

Today's title from "The Ice of Boston" by the Dismemberment Plan.  Red Sox fans have to be drowning their sorrows after this series.