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Open Thread

Nothing much out there for Blue Jay news, yet again, so I thought I'd just put up an open thread and let folks talk about whatever they would like.

If you want an off-topic subject to start it off, tell us how your new year's resolutions are coming. Me? Well, I've got the boring one, I'm working to get back in shape. I've been a runner for the past 15 years or so, but the past year I've been lazy and haven't been at it. Add in Christmas and a trip to Jamaica and I'm up a few pounds.

I really need a goal to make myself work out, so I'm signing up for a half-marathon in June. Registration for it doesn't open until the end of the month so I have a couple of weeks see that can get running first. I've been to the gym each day since last Saturday seeing if I can get all the parts moving.

Anyway, tell us about how your resolution is going or anything else you'd like to talk about.