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Jays Exchange Arbitration Numbers with Francisco, Janssen, Johnson and Morrow

Mike Wilner is report that the Jays haven't signed Ben Francisco, Casey Janssen, Kelly Johnson and Brandon Morrow, so they will have exchanged arbitration numbers for each.

Alex Anthopoulos has a policy of not negotiating one year deals after the deadline, so unless any of the four sign longer term contracts, they will be going in front of an arbitrator. I'd imagine Alex would like to sign Morrow to a 3 or 4 year deal. I'd like him to sign Casey Janssen for a couple or three years too. There is some chance that Johnson would sign too but I'm betting he and Francisco are getting ready to face the judge.

I'm surprised, I figured all four would have signed by now, I didn't think the Jays would want to go to arbitration with anyone, it isn't a fun process. Going in front of an arbitrator isn't the most fun in the world. You have to say why the player isn't as good as he thinks he is, that would be something I'd like to avoid.