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Blue Jays Sign Ben Francisco and Kelly Johnson

Yeah, I messed up. Mike Wilner and John Lott were reporting that Morrow, Janssen, Francisco and Johnson didn't get contracts, and I put it up. I should have waited to hear from the Jays first, but I had waited for half an hour after the deadline and we hadn't heard anything else about contracts, so, wanting to get on with my day, I put it up. Dumb.

Anyway the real news:

The Jay signed 2B Kelly Johnson to a one year contract worth $6,375,000 and OF Ben Francisco to a one year contract worth $1,537,500.

Presumably the Jays are working to sign Morrow and Janssen to longer contracts.

Anyway, sorry for messing up, I should have known better after going through the Yu Darvish thing and seeing that no one knows anything. We'll wait a little longer in the future and make sure we have the right news before posting it.