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Paul Beeston on Jeff Blair's Show

Paul Beeston talked to Jeff Blair this morning. Some highlights.

  • They don't want to 'fast track' things at the expense of their long term play.
  • "It isn't a matter of spending it is a matter of spending wisely."
  • "I don't think we should lose our patience."
  • Absolutely no tension between the club and Rogers. "They have never turned us down for anything we wanted to do." "They are equally as good (of owners) as Labatts."
  • The team is paying a lot for their draft choices. The amatuer draft cost has gone up from $2 or $3 million to $15 million now.
  • Everyone would like to 'fast forward' things but not at the expense of doing something that will give us what we want for the long term.
  • Can the Jays compete this year? "Yes". "If everything comes together the way we think it can, yeah I do."

So really he didn't tell us anything new, jut that they aren't going to try to sign 5 free agents to try to win it all this year. Asked about Prince Fielder, he said the team wouldn't want to sign him to a 10-year deal. Then asked if he thinks Fielder will get 10 years, he said 'no'. Would you sign him for 5-6 years? Depends on the cost. It was sort of like listening to Alex, he talked for 10 minutes and didn't say anything much.