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News and Rumors from Monday Night: Morrow, Vizquel, Uehara and Cordero

After a long dry stretch, the Blue Jays did a few things yesterday and are rumored to be wanting to make more moves:

  • Brandon Morrow: The Jays have announced that Morrow signed a 3 year, $20 million contract with an option for a fourth year (2015) at $10 million, nice round numbers. They also said that Brandon will be making a yearly donation to the Jays Care Foundation. They have a press conference coming at 10:30 Eastern to talk about the signing, but I'm a little too far away.
  • Omar Vizquel: They also announced that Omar Vizquel has signed a minor league contract, with a spring training invite. Vizquel will be 45 in April, if he makes the team they will have two players in their 40's on the roster. Might not win the AL East but we'll have the leagues best shuffleboard team.
  • Francisco Cordero: There are rumors the Jays are offering a contract to Cordero. He had 37 saves, last year, and a 2.45 ERA, but that came with a .214 BABIP (he is normally in the .300 range). I think going from the NL Central to the AL East would put a big hurt on his numbers, but he is a good pitcher.
  • Koji Uehara: There are rumors the Jays are interested in trading for him, in fact some where saying it was a done deal (oh the fun of twitter). He's got a great arm and has a career 3.13 ERA with 9.6 K/9. I'd love to have him but then we are up to our armpits in RHP in the pen, I wouldn't mind another good lefty.

Other than that, I think it is funny that the Red Sox traded away Marco Scutaro for payroll relief. A team with a payroll like their's, trading Scoot to drop payroll? Is like a fat guy passing up vegetables to loss weight.