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2012 Blue Jays Giveaways*

Throw these dates in your schedule and make sure you are there bright and early on gameday so you don't miss out!

Which one of these do you look forward to getting the most? Which other giveaways would you want to have seen? Have you been to another stadium somewhere where they had a great, unique giveaway?

  • April 9: (vs. Red Sox) Rally Towels (first 45,000), Magnetic Schedule (all fans). Home opener, so expect a lot of towels to be thrown down--at least they don't go too far. I hope they give away the schedule magnets on the way out because those can be easily helicoptered down.
  • April 10+11: (vs. Red Sox) Magnetic Schedule (first 10,000). You can get up to 3: one for your fridge, one for your office fridge, and another one for your car door.
  • May 20: (vs. Mets) Brandon Morrow bobblehead (first 20,000). SWOON!
  • June 3: (vs. Red Sox) Yunel Escobar bobblehead (first 20,000). Don't understand why they put major giveaways during Red Sox (or Yankees) games, a lot of them would end up with Red Sox/Yankees fans...
  • June 13: (vs. Nationals) Blue Jays Team Cards (first 25,000). I think I have these from a couple of years, but it's lost somewhere in my office or house.
  • June 17: (vs. Phillies) Blue Jays Batting Helmet (first 20,000). You can go to the game with your pops and get a batting helmet each for the Fathers' Day game. I remember getting a second generation Blue Jays logo helmet when I was a kid. There were warning notices that it wasn't a real protective helmet.
  • August 12: (vs. Yankees) Blue Jays Cap Day (first 20,000). Headgear-themed giveaways continue after a giftless July. Again, would hate to think of what Yuckees fans would do to the souvenir cap.
  • August 19: (vs. Rangers) Ricky Romero bobblehead (first 20,000). It would be awesome to see a Romero-Darvish duel in this game. Kinda awesome to see three bobblehead giveaways--will add to my collection. I think the only position I'll be missing is a catcher.
  • September 29: (vs. Yankees) Junior Jays Fan Appreciation T-Shirt (first 14,000 14 and under). Blatant ageism there.
  • September 30: (vs. Yankees) Fan Appreciation T-Shirt (first 20,000). Brought to you by Home Hardware. I have a bunch of these from the years, but I never really wear them ever again.

Not a bad set of giveaways this year, and they are giving more bobbleheads out this year than in seasons past (they used to only have 10,000 of them). I've already put these dates in my calendar as games I must attend.

*All giveaways and event dates are subject to change