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Darren Oliver Contract

Apparently, Darren Oliver is getting $4 million from the Jays plus an option year, which is more money than I expected. It is the most Alex has given a free agent for a season. It seems like a fair bit of money for a 41 year old reliever that might pitch 60 innings, but I guess that's the way of the world.

Oliver got $3.25 last year, and had a really good season, so I guess if he was younger I wouldn't be surprised he got that much money. I know, really, it isn't that much money, it just surprised me that he'd get that much from Alex. Yeah, I know, everyone else is on Alex's case about not spending enough money and I'm complaining, about $4 million. I'm not complaining really, I am glad we have him, it's just I figured it to be a million, or so, less.

Boy, you can tell there isn't much for news this week when this is something that I care about at all.