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Man I wish there was something to write about......

Something better than writing about a twitter rumor started by someone claiming to a player's wife's cousin's husband's barber.

Beyond that, there isn't much for rumors. But then none of the rumors we've heard, this off-season, turned out to be true. What is there?

Jon Heyman tells us that the Jays were asking about Anthony Rizzo, which really doesn't need to be said, Alex inquires about everybody. As Ken Rosenthal says:

Yes, the Blue Jays inquired about the availability of Mariners ace Felix Hernandez, but that isn't really news. Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos routinely asks about the best players on every team. He almost always is told no.

"Alex is always looking for everything," a rival GM told me earlier this off-season. "He is the only GM in the league with a 60-man roster - and I say that as a compliment. You can't pin him down. He has interest in every one of your players."

He tells us Alex has asked about Felix Hernandez, Michael Pineda, Gavin Floyd and "every other pitcher imaginable. Then, as he says, and we know, that most of his moves happen without hearing any rumor before hand.

I'm sure there will be news again, someday, but it can't come quick enough. Come on Alex, we are bored.