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Want to Apply for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave?

I got an email today asking for our help in promoting the contest to be the chosen for the MLB Fan Cave. It started like this:

We are targeting contributors to (and readers of) your forum because of their reputation for intelligent writing and dynamic self-representation.

Buttering us up, always the best way to start. Much better than starting off with 'Your a Moran'.

Enthusiasm is not enough-we are seeking intelligent, unique voices to represent baseball fans everywhere on a national stage. Your contributors and readers are exactly who we're looking for.

Sounds like they are calling off the contest, we are for whom they are looking (or something like that). Load up the truck boys, we's going to New York. Swimming pools, movies stars. Why does this seem like the Beverly Hillbillies?

Then they tell us to apply here (just a formality, I'm sure, they told us that we are the one that they want. Well, those of us over 21 anyway.

When you win, this is what you do:

Reside in a location provided by MLB in New York City
Participate in all aspects of MLB Fan Cave duties, including but not limited to, watching every game played of the 2012 MLB season, taking part in media events, interviews, etc.
Share thoughts regarding games and topics of MLB and pop culture interest via daily blogging, vlogging and through social media platforms
Adhere to all other policies and procedures as required by MLB
Grant all rights in all aspects of his/her participation in MLB Fan Cave to MLB for MLB's use, worldwide, in all media.

I love baseball, but watch every game? That's 2430 regular season games. Some of those are Yankee games (yuck). Seems like a lot even to me. On top of that, MLB owns you for the year and they will watermark your children.

Anyway, if you want to try out for it, great. If you win, remember to work Bluebird Banter into every conversation you have when you are in the 'Fan Cave'.

Good luck.