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Monday Bantering: Anthopoulos Talks to the Media

Alex Anthopoulos talked to the media about signing Darren Oliver and the DFA of Mark Teahen. Here is some of what he said:

  • Oliver is a good pitcher, good leader and a good person. He expects Darren to be able to pitch well into his 40's like John Franco and Terry Mulholland did.
  • That he will try to make a deal with someone for Teahen but he figures it is more likely he'll just be released.
  • He doesn't expect to make any more moves before spring training but is always talking to other GM's about trades and you never know.
  • Alex would mind adding another arm to the pen.
  • He's figuring the bench is Davis, Mathis, Francisco and one of McCoy or Valbuena. Mathis and Davis are sure to get a spot. They will watch Valbuena at short and third during spring training to see if they feel he can handle the spots. McCoy has options left. Francisco, he feels, is a good addition because of being a RHB with the team having Rasmus and Snider or Thames in the outfield.
  • Alex said that Drew Hutchison might move up fast and that his fastball and slider improved a lot in 2011. He'll, likely, start 2012 in AA but that he is as excited about Drew as he about any of the arms in the minors.
  • He's happy with the starting rotation. He feels Brett Cecil improved as the season went on and that he should be good this year. And that Henderson Alvarez and Dustin McGowan can make a good back of the rotation.
  • He also said that he thinks an improved outfield defense will make the starters look better. He said that the outfield defense wasn't good in 2011, but having Rasmus and having Bautista out there everyday will improve things.
  • Asked about Tim Raines and Larry Walker shot at the Hall of Fame , he said he'd like to see both make it, saying Raines was the closest thing to an AL NL version of Ricky Henderson with power and speed. He also said that Barry Larkin should be in the Hall.