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Vegas Odds On Where Josh Hamilton Will Sign: Blue Jays 10-1

Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Bovada has sent out odds on where Josh Hamilton will sign and the Jays are on the list, at 10-1, which seems high to me but then a quick look at these 'odds' shows that the ones listed add up to more than 1-1. Vegas has to make it's money somehow.

I'd be really surprised if the Jays signed him, but then name any of the top free agents and I'd likely think odds are low we sign them. I'm just conditioned that way now, after the past few off-seasons.

Who will sign Josh Hamilton next?

San Francisco Giants 3/1

Atlanta Braves 5/1

Texas Rangers 5/1

Philadelphia Phillies 7/1

New York Yankees 9/1

Chicago Cubs 9/1

Boston Red Sox 9/1

Pittsburgh Pirates 10/1

Toronto Blue Jays 10/1

Los Angeles Dodgers 15/1

I still think that odds are he'll end up back with the Rangers, but after reading what Nolan Ryan said, maybe I'm wrong. I wouldn't give him long contract. I think 3 years would be as long as I'd go. I don't think he'd want to do that.