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Four for Four Friday Oct 12 Links

Somewhere Bud and gang are jumping for joy that all the division series have gone to the full five games. They might be happier if the bigger market teams make it (the Yankees and the Nats.)

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

So far, I'm one for four. I rooted for the Rangers (AL WC), Cardinals (NL WC), A's and Reds. Main mistakes... I did not account for pixie dust (Rangers), rooted for the underdog (A's) and went with my hometown allegiance (Votto/Reds) instead of logic.

Not much link wise, but here are some.

Reds vs. Giants: Tales of Three Pitches | FanGraphs Baseball
A change in any of these and it would have been the Reds.

Duncan, Repko, Carlin, Hoey Hit Free Agency: MLB Rumors -
In minor moves.

Scott Rolen Expected To Retire: MLB Rumors -
Not a surprising option considering his injuries and his performance in the playoffs.

Quick Hits: Kinsler, Marcum, K-Rod, Rays: MLB Rumors -
Nothing directly Jays related. Indirectly though Shaun Marcum to leap into FA and suggestions that the Rangers trade Ian Kinsler.

Baseball History October 12th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1986 The Angels are one strike away from the World Series, when Dave Henderson, who had earlier watched Bobby Grich's fly ball bounce over the center field fence off the heel of his glove giving California the lead, hits a two-run homer off of Donnie Moore to put the Red Sox ahead, 6-5. California will tie the game in the bottom of the frame, but Boston will prevail scoring the deciding run in the 11th inning on a Henderson sac fly.