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Contest Time: Make Your LCS Predictions

Rob Carr - Getty Images

It would be pretty tough for the LCS to be as good as the as the last set of playoffs. Each of the 4 series were great fun to watch. I could have done without the Yankees winning and the Nationals lost in about the worst possible way. I was cheering for the A's, but when Justin Verlander gets two starts in a 5 game series, they were in a pretty tough spot.

Anyway, we have two series:

Tigers vs. Yankees, starting today and Cardinals vs. Giants starting tomorrow.

So the contest is give us your predicted winners, and number of games in each series. We need a tie breaker. How about total number of hits for ARod in the series. No prize, I'm not up to dealing with the lovely, wonderful SB lawyers over the next couple of days. But you will get bragging rights.

My guess is Tigers in 6 and Cardinals in 7. And 3 hits for Alex.