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Boston Media on John Farrell

Boston Media seems to think that Jays don't have a say in John Farrell's future, even with a contract.

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Man I hate Boston media:

Dan Shaughnessy:

The Farrell situation in Toronto is bad. He has made it clear to his bosses that he wants to come to Boston. He is not getting a contract extension from Toronto. He is getting crushed by media in both Toronto and Boston as a guy who has never won anything. And now he might end up staying in Toronto as a lame-duck, one-year guy who has already cut ties with his bosses. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jays are already looking for their next manager.

Really? He has made it clear he wants to go? Who says? Someone in the Boston organization? Why is it ok with Dan's editors that he just makes this statement with nothing to substantiate it? Maybe Dan is right, maybe John has said he wants to leave, but why not tell us how you know that. The media closest to the Jays don't seem to know this, why would someone in Boston?

Why can't the Sox simply ask for permission to talk with Farrell, and work out a deal?

Maybe because it takes two sides to negotiate? Yes, why can't the Red Sox just say 'we are taking Farrell, have a Carl Yastrzemski signed baseball' and move on.

Michael Silverman much more reasonable:

That we haven't heard a peep from either team suggests the Jays at least are willing to discuss letting Farrell leave with a year left on his contract. If they were dead-set on keeping him, news would have leaked out that the Sox' efforts are futile and Farrell is staying.

That I agree with. I'd like the Jays to get this done or say it isn't going to happen. One or the other and get it over with, but then I understand if you want the best deal possible, it takes a while to work it out.

Buster Olney (subscription required):

If the Blue Jays are actually willing to talk about trading John Farrell to Boston, it's a clear sign they don't view him as their manager of the future, and they should make sure they finish a deal with the Red Sox rather than trying to haggle too much. If the Red Sox move on and hire somebody besides Farrell, the Blue Jays will be left with a manager they really don't want, and who has an expiring contract next fall.

I disagree, I think talking is a clear sign that the Jays are curious to see how much the Red Sox would be willing to give up. Everything is for sale, sometimes the price is really high. I don't want to sell my house, but if someone came and said 'I'll give you 3 times what it is worth, they can have it. I think you can discuss anything, that doesn't mean you'll come to an agreement.

Here's one situation that would be awful: If the Red Sox hired another candidate, such as Ausmus, and then the Blue Jays fired Farrell to ensure he didn't wind up in Boston.

Buster and I have a different idea of 'awful'. I think that would pretty funny, other than it means bad things happened to the Jays. You don't fire a manager after a successful season, you fire one after a terrible season.

I'm tired of it all, I'd like it to be resolved so we can get on with the other off-season subjects. If I was the Jays, and let's say for argument's sake that the Jays are talking about it, I'd set a deadline to get it over with. Maybe a week from today. I guess if Farrell has said he wants to go, that would complicate things. I don't think you keep someone that's unhappy. Unhappy people tend not to do good work.