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Your Word of the Day: Friction

It seems like Minor Leaguer hit a nerve last night.

To me:

  1. I'm sure Farrell and Anthopoulos have argued. You don't lose 90 games in a season without having the odd bad moment. Does that mean there is friction. Well, maybe there was moments of friction. Overall, from talking to people that actually know their relationship, they get along fine.
  2. Stating "a source said" doesn't really make for a credible story. How hard would it be to say 'sources inside the Jays front office say....' or perhaps 'opposing GM's say' or some other general description of the source? Give us some ability to tell if we want to believe the source. We've had enough experience with unnamed sources telling us stuff that we don't believe any of them. Asking for some idea of where the comment comes from isn't a bad thing. Give us an idea if it is someone from the Red Sox trying to plant a story, knowing we are tired of it all, figuring if they piss everyone off enough we'll give them Farrell for nothing.
  3. Reporters shouldn't think they are above being questioned.

A quick note to the Blue Jays PR department gets us the answer back that Alex doesn't want to comment on this. There is a surprise. Why would he want to legitimize this at all.

The Red Sox have done a great job of using their media to push the idea of getting Farrell to be their manager. This off-season I expect the full court press from their press. There is such a feeling of entitlement from the Red Sox team and media. Why should Farrell go to Boston? Well, because they want him. That's all that matters. He has a contract with another team? Who cares, only contracts with the Red Sox count.

This isn't going to be the last silly Farrell story we see before next season.