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Today in Blue Jay History: Joe Carter's World Series Winning Home Run


It was 19 years ago today (man I'm old).

Here it is:

There isn't much more to say. I'm still amazed he could take a pitch that low and inside and keep it fair, as well as hit it that far. Mitch Williams is still my favorite reliever of all time.

Since we've talked about this moment quite a bit and I have nothing new to say, I thought I'd use this answer from our interview with Pat Hentgen, because it is my favorite moment from working on the site:

I remember thinking when Joe Carter came to bat in game 6 "oh well, even if we don't win, you would be pitching the next day" all would be good. Do you ever think about that you could have been pitching game 7?

Oh of course. That whole day is like, I was charting the game and I could tell you those numbers were starting to get a little scribbly towards the end there. We were down by 2 going into the 9th. You know Joe pulls those balls all year long and pulls them foul. So when he hit that ball I was in the corner of the dugout, I'll never forget it, I had my back to left field. I had my back to the foul pole, when he hit it, I remember just thinking ‘Stay fair, stay fair', because I felt it was hard enough hit to go out. And it just stayed fair that day for whatever reason.

But yeah I thought about how it would have went down. And how, you play 174 games or whatever and it comes down to one game. It would have been pretty exciting , I'll tell you. I know one thing in those situations managers never let the starting pitcher get in any trouble. The minute I would have had some trouble going we'd have had Harry Wholestaff in there. Every guy would have been available.

Here's the trivia question (not that trivia questions are any fun since since Google): Who was the MVP of that series?