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Contest Time: Make Your World Series Predictions

Tell us who is going to win the World Series.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

First let's find our LCS winner.

The Tigers won in 4 games and the Giants in 7. And our tie breaker question was "how many hits would ARod have?" the answer was one.

We had 9 people pick the Giants and the Tigers: Carm, Damaso's Burnt Shirt, hansdampf, LimeyJaysFan, JaysfanDL, Alan F, Tony Walsh, neilrqm and Nadia.

None of them had the exact right number of games in the two series. 5 of them were only off by 2 games: Carm, Damaso's Burnt Shirt, hansdampf, Alan F, neilrqm.

So we are down to the tie breaker. Their guesses for the number of hits Alex Rodriguez would have were:

Carm: 6

Damaso's Burnt Shirt: 3

hansdampf: 7

Alan F: 2

neilrqm: 0

We have a tie. Alan F and neilrqm were each just 1 off the number of hit ARod had during the series. neilrqm had other stuff about ARod retiring after game 3 and stuff, but I'm not giving extra points for humor. So take a bow both of you.

For the World Series let's guess the winner, the number of games and Marco Scutaro's batting average for the series as the tie breaker.

I'm guessing the Tigers in 6, with Marco hitting .375.