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Brian Butterfield Signs With Red Sox To Coach Third

Bye Brian, it was nice knowing you.

Brad White

As if we didn't have enough reasons to hate John Farrell and the Red Sox, now they hire Brian Butterfield away from us.

Obviously he thought, or knew, he wasn't going to get the manager job here and rather than wait to see if the new manager wanted to keep him, he might as well take a sure job closer to home.

We are getting to see just how bad an idea it was to sign Farrell in the first place, and we are seeing the cost of waiting so long to name a manager this time around. Get on the ball Alex and get someone signed.

It's an easy choice, I'll miss him a lot more than Farrell. Farrell leaving, who cares, a minor annoyance, but Butterfield has been with the team since 2003, he's been great at working with the infielders (just listen to any of them talk about how much he helped them), he's been a terrific third base coach and he's a great guy.

Man, I hate the Red Sox