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Mike Wilner on WGAM Boston Talking John Farrell

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Mike Wilner was on WGAM radio in Manchester, NH, talking about John Farrell. Now that Valentine has been officially fired, the Boston media is going to be on the full court press.

Among the things he said was that "reports" (he said put that word in quotation marks, so I did) of a rift between Farrell and Anthopoulos were "completely made up". When told that 3 or 4 people were reporting the same thing, Wilner said that these things feed off themselves. One person says it, then the next says 'I've heard this', when really they heard the original report. Though Wilner did think about it for a moment when they told him Peter Gammons was reporting it.

Wilner also said that there is a 99% chance that John Farrell is Blue Jay manager through next year. That might be a bit high. The Red Sox were dumb enough to hire Bobby Valentine, maybe they are dumb enough to offer someone useful for Farrell. I always think a decent player is worth more than any manager, but maybe the Red Sox don't think so.

The people from WGAM (Matt Perrault and someone whose name I didn't get) said that they felt the Red Sox would want to fill the manager within a week. I think that's a little quick but I'm sure they would like to announce their new manager by soon after the end of the world series.

How long till spring training? What are the odds we do one 'Farrell/Red Sox' story a day until then?

Why don't we have a poll.