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Open Thread For Thanksgiving Baseball

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving for those of us on this side of the border. Well, even for those south of the border, even though you celebrate Thanksgiving fashionably late. I'll list things I'm thankful for in later post.

We have 4 games today, I'm not going to be able to watch all of them, a) I feel the need to stay married, b) because we have a mess of family and friends coming for tonight's feast. I have to get on the Key Lime Pie in a hurry here.

Today's games:

  • Noon Eastern: A's @ Tigers. Tommy Milone (13-10, 3.74) and Doug Fister (10-10, 3.45)
  • 3:00 Eastern: Nationals @ Cardinals. Gio Gonzalez (21-8) and Adam Wainwright (14-13, 3.94).
  • 6:00 Eastern: Yankees @ Orioles: CC Sabathia (15-6, 3.38) and Jason Hammel (8-6, 3.43)
  • 9:30 Eastern: Reds @ Giants: Bronson Arroyo (12-10, 3.74) and Madison Bumgarner (16-11, 3.37).

Go A;s. Go Orioles. I don't have clear favorites in the NL. Votto's Canadian and the Reds have Rolen, but I still love Marco Scutaro. And I still have some bitterness towards the Nationals but I don't love the Cardinals either.