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Tuesday Morning Link Salad

After this weekend I am done with meat for a while...

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Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday meant no Monday Morning Media Mashup, so here is a bowl of healthy Tuesday morning link salad! (I'm horrible at making up titles.)

Blue Jays Related

The Toronto Blue Jays’ 2011-12 report card - National Post
Guy Spurrier grades the Blue Jays pitchers using statistics and gut feelings. His report card on batters is here. I don't know if I would call J.A. Happ a lock for the rotation, as I am still hoping that money will be thrown at #2-3 level talent (Greinke, Marcum, Haren?). Oh, and look at the comment section... my favourite part is when some guy said that one of the Jays' last consistent pitchers was Juan friggin' Guzman.

Things That Happened - Hum and Chuck
Joanna looks back at 2012 in bite-side morsels. I loved her inclusion of Darren Oliver's advice to Ricky Romero--I must have missed that one some how. And congratulations again to Joanna on the fifth anniversary of her wee corner of the Internet.

Bautista speaks out - North of the Border

Gregor Chisholm posts a transcript of Jose Bautista's comments regarding his injury, leadership, Yunel Escobar, and what the Blue Jays need to do in order to take the next step.

Jays left to wheel and deal their way through off-season - The Globe and Mail
Jeff Blair on Alex Anthopoulos' end-of-season remarks on the Blue Jays. The focus of this offseason is to add top-end rotation talent--I hope the club is finally ready to overspend on a starter. The fans showed up this year... time to throw us a bone.

You Have to Play All of the Games - Infield fly
...but predictions and narratives are fun!

Adeiny Hechavarria has tools to become a mainstay for Toronto -
Bernie Pleskoff writes about Hech, gushing about his defense and his contact rates. I think he's ready to start at one of the middle infield positions for the Blue Jays next year if there is no move to fill up second base with a veteran.

Act of Valor - Magnus' Son
Trystan Magnuson reflects on his season, which ended with him playing for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic, as well as a bit on his life.

Late additions:

The Travis Snider 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates Retrospective - Mop Up Duty
I was one of the many fans who was heartbroken after hearing about the trade, although the pain lessened after reading through his interview with Shi Davidi and his struggles towards the end of the season. I still wish him the best, but now I know that he time in Toronto was past finished when he was traded.

10th anniversary: Toronto releases Chris Carpenter - Hard Ball Times
Imagining Carpenter-Halladay as #1 and 1a....

Around The League

MLB awards: An old school vs. new look at the candidates - National Post
Continuing with the numbers/feelings theme, Guy's AL picks: Mike Trout for MVP and Rookie of the Year, David Price for Cy Young, Bob Melvin for Manager of the Year. Check out the link for his NL picks.

On the subject of kissing baseballs - Baseball Nation
Grant Brisbee's feelings on Al Alburquerque's kissing a Yoenis Cespedes grounder before throwing him out. For me--I hate these things, but hey if it gets under the skin of the opposing team then kiss away. The downside is if the antics motivate the other guy to do better... (see Bautista, J. vs. Nova, I.) Alburquerque later apologized, saying that it wasn't meant to be malicious or planned.

Oakland A's Pat Neshek back after baby son dies - Toronto Sun
Gehrig John would've been proud of what daddy went out and did.

Blue Jays Well Represented on Playoff Rosters - Jays Journal
Quickly: name all the former Blue Jays who are currently on a playoff roster. You probably got the obvious ones, but I'm sure you missed a few. Check out Kyle Franzoni's piece at Jays Journal to see the former bluebirds who are now fighting in the postseason!

In all thy sons command -
Scott Carson introduces the 3 Canadians who are still playing October ball, and points out a couple more former Jays that Kyle missed.

Postseason Games Today

San Francisco Giants @ Cincinnati Reds at 5:30 pm Eastern, Ryan Vogelsong takes on Homer Bailey. Cincinnati leads 2-0, can go for the sweep at home tonight.

Detroit Tigers @ Oakland Athletics at 9 pm Eastern, Anibal Sanchez faces off against Brett Anderson. Detroit leads 2-0, also another potential elimination game.