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GM Meetings Links November 10, 2012

Despite the feeling things might be quiet, it has been an interesting GM meetings for Jays fans. There was a trade (Hello Goodbye Mike Aviles) and a free agent signing. A FREE AGENT SIGNING!!! It wasn't Greinke or Hamilton or even Angel Pagan. Welcome to Toronto Younger Izturis.

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Andy Lyons


Anthopoulos Speaks!: GM Meetings Wrap | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
DJF looks at the GM meetings from the Jays perspective.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Should the Blue Jays Spend Like It's 2005?
I'd rather party like it's 1993 (or 92) but Ian looks at the options and scenarios.

PHOTOS: Tip of the cap -
The Blue Jays are alone — at the top of your head at least. Once the Houston Astros revealed their new uniforms, the Jays became the last MLB team that only uses a hat with a logo instead of lettering.

Editor Note: I like the current Jays cap. The Jays cap with a Letter looked horrible.

Five Free agents to watch - The Globe and Mail
The Globe (Jeff Blair) looks at his top 5 FA. No surprises here.

Maicer Izturis Finds New Place to be Perfectly Acceptable | FanGraphs Baseball
FG looks at the newest Blue Jay.

The Indians Face a Choice With Shin-Soo Choo | FanGraphs Baseball
FG looks at another possible Jays target, Choo Shin-Soo (Korean style.) Possible Red Flag? Boras is his agent.

Scott Feldman: The Poor Man’s Brandon McCarthy | FanGraphs Baseball
A name not usually thrown about, but might be worth a looksie.

AL East Notes: Blue Jays, Sanchez, Villanueva, Red Sox: MLB Rumors -
Jays links from previous posts. Sanchez and CV.

Toronto Blue Jays close to finding new manager: Anthopoulos | MLB | Sports | National Post
Manager? What is manager?


Agent Scott Boras compares MLB signing season to supermarket shopping | MLB | Sports | National Post
With baseball awash in record revenue, Scott Boras compares the habits of teams to families sifting through supermarket shelves.

Editor's note: I'm not surprised. I've always thought that signing a Boras client was like buying one of those ginormous trays of expensive sandwiches you get at a supermarket. It's fine the first couple of days, but by the 4th day you feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating a couple. By the 6th day the tray is done as the meat smells, the lettuce is slimy and the mere sight of it makes you want to throw up.

Taking the good with the bad
A look at Jerkball.

Using WPA to grade bullpen management, part one
For the numbers nerds... With a little tinkering under the hood, we can modify WPA's Clutch score to grade bullpens.

The Worst Bunts of 2012 | FanGraphs Baseball
Bunts? FGs looks at the worst bunts by WPA. Shockingly, Rajai Davis isn't mentioned in the article.

GMs Assess Free Agent Class: MLB Rumors -
MLBtraderumors is every links posts friend in the offseason.

“I think you’re going to see probably less and less of the top quality guys because clubs are signing them long-term,” GM Walt Jocketty told MLBTR in Indian Wells, California. “I think that’s a trend that we’ll continue to see going forward.”

Winning Bid For Hyun-Jin Ryu Is $25.7MM: MLB Rumors -
Less hyped than Yu. Top Korean LHP who throws in the low 90s.