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Monday Bantering: Shaun Marcum, Keith Pelley and Links.

Little bits of Blue Jay news on a Monday.

Greg Fiume

Happy Monday, some tiny bits of news:

  • MLB Daily Dish has a story up aobut Bob Elliott mentioning the Jays have inquired about Shaun Marcum. Alex asks about everyone so I'm not sure that this means that the Jays are necessarily going after Marcum, but he'd be a nice guy to have. He was a leader with the pitching staff when he was here before, that can't hurt.He's always been a favorite of mine, so I'd be glad to see him back. He and one other decent starter would help out a lot. He made $7.725 million last year. Maybe looking for a slight raise.
  • Twitter is up in arms on a quote from Rogers exec Keith Pelley: "The most important sports fans are the ones who go to games because it is fashionable." What he was meaning is that there aren't enough of us baseball fans out there to fill the stadium, they need to get people coming to the games because it is seen as the 'thing to do'. He's not wrong, but he could have phrased it better. Winning would accomplish what he wants.
  • Shawn Hill signed a minor league deal with the Tigers.
  • Peter Gammons thinks that Bud Selig ought to hire Bobby Valentine for MLB's front office, which makes as much sense as most things Bud Selig does, or for that matter makes as much sense as most thing Peter Gammons suggests.
  • Rob Neyer suggests we add some terms to our baseball vocabulary.
  • Dirk Hayhurst is in hospital. Hope it goes well.