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Question Time: What Will You Do To Pass The Off-Season?

Spring training seems a long way away.
Spring training seems a long way away.
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

We have 103 days until the Blue Jays first home spring training game and 140 days until the Jays Home Opener on April 2. So my question for you is 'What are you doing to get through the off-season?"

Of course, the Jays aren't helping to make things go by any quicker with the slowness of the manager search. I'd like some sign that it isn't going to be never ending. They could help us out by throwing us a crumb every now and then: hey, we are interviewing 'X' or we have narrowed it down to these 6 guys or 'trust us, we are working at it, now run away'. Something. But no, they tell us nothing.

A couple of years ago, after Alex got the GM job, I was talking to someone in the Jays PR department and he said 'You guys are going to work harder for stories in the future.' He was right. They don't let any news out. But it did seem like a silly thing for a PR guy to be happy about. Shouldn't they be wanting us to be talking about the Jays. Tickets are on sale for next season, wouldn't they want the team talked about?

Anyway, the question is 'what are we doing to make the off-season pass quicker?' Obviously, hockey isn't the answer.

I'm going to the gym. I've been a bit of a slug lately. I spent a lot of time spent watching baseball and all, too much time sitting. So I'm making a effort to get to the gym most days. I'd like to drop 10 pounds or so, then we'll see from there. First week went well, and I'm starting to feel like I'm working towards being in good enough shape to be able to do a decent workout. 100 days till spring training, maybe I can go into it in my best shape ever.

For my baseball fix, I'm playing OOTP baseball. I started up a new game, starting as the 1977. The first season isn't going to be great, but when you win only 60 games, in a season, you enjoy each win. And I get to watch my son play hockey, which is a ton of fun too.

That's me, what are you up to this winter?