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Tuesday Morning Blue Jay Thoughts, Some Not Trade Related

Some random thoughts to pass the time until we get word that the trade is completed.

Doug Benc

As we wait, impatiently, for official word that the trade has been completed. We'll save analyses of the trade until then. For now:

Update....I forgot one thing I meant to mention, we had our 6 millionth visitor to our humble site last night. And we had our 3rd best day for visits ever. If news of the trade had come out earlier in the day, we'd have had our best day ever.

  • First though, there is no chance that MLB blocks the trade. Loria is Selig's friend. Maybe his only friend and visa versa. No way Bud would block him from doing any foolish thing he wants to do.
  • Peter Gammons has a tweet, with a link, saying ' the Red Sox were smart not to make this trade'. Of course. If the Red Sox don't do something, it is because they are smarter than the rest of us. You gotta love Boston's media, they will print any story the team wants them to. Peter, take a long walk off a short pier.
  • I do wonder if Farrell's leaving had any effect on this trade, I wonder if he lit a fire under Alex and/or Rogers to make things happen this winter. I'm sure that the Red Sox's interest in Reyes and Johnson pushed Alex to get the trade done.
  • There is a story that the Jays talked to Bobby Cox about the manager's job. Talk about yesterday's man. Cox is 71. As much as he was great and all, we want someone that can hold the job for a few years.There's about as much chance Cox gets the job as some Rabbi gets it (what a difference 24 hours makes, yesterday that was a story).
  • On a related note, everyone even remotely involved with baseball has sent his resume to Alex to apply for the manager's job this morning.
  • Expect Alex to make an announcement on the new manager when you least expect it.
  • I'm sure that we haven't seen the end of the moves from the Jays. We have 4 catchers on the roster and the Rangers really need a catcher. They were interested in John Buck before, i'd imagine we'll try to flip Buck quick. Or we could trade JP and go with Buck to start the season and bring along Travis d'Arnaud at some point. Or go into the season with Buck and d'Arnaud sharing time.
  • I'm thinking we still will be picking up a second baseman in the next 100 days.
  • The Jays would like you to know that Flex Pack tickets go on sale now. Timing is important in the world of sales.
  • Darren Damien Cox is a fool. He's so invested in the Rogers won't spend money stuff that when they do, he's got to tell you how they messed that up.

Just when we were getting bored with the off-season, thanks Alex.