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The Blue Jays/Marlins Trade: What We Know At The Moment

Since we are still waiting for the completion of the trade, let's take a look at what we know.

Will John Buck be with the team when spring training rolls around?
Will John Buck be with the team when spring training rolls around?
Drew Hallowell

This seems to be the trade that never ends, So I figured we could spent a moment trying to figure out where it all sits.

  • The delay seems to be because it has been hard to get all the players in place for the medical assessments. Many players are on holiday at this time of year. Apparently Jose Reyes was in Dubai (who goes on holiday to Dubai?) and is still on his way back to North America. So we could still be a couple of days away from having this come to a conclusion.
  • Bud Selig may say "the matter is under review", but he has no grounds at all to overturn it. There is more talent going from Toronto to Miami than there was going from L.A. to Boston when the Red Sox dumped salary during the season. Bud just wants to look good to Miami fans, while winking and patting his friend Jeff on the back.
  • Buster Olney wrote this:

But two high-ranking club executives had a different take on what the Marlins' massive sell-off could really mean, in the big picture. "A couple of years from now," said one official, "we might look back on this as a warning sign."

No, no, this isn't a 'big market vs. small market' thing. This is an owner that wants to get his payroll down so low that the 'competitive balance' money that he gets from the other MLB teams can go straight into his pocket. It is pretty tough to spend spend the amount of money the Marlins did on contracts last year, and then this year claim to be a have not. Trying to pretend that Miami is a small market really doesn't work.

  • The interesting question to me, is which catcher will be traded. We have 4 on the roster, at the moment, Arencibia, d'Arnaud, Buck and Wilson. I can't imagine we'll have all 4 by the time spring training rolls around. I'm thinking Buck gets flipped.
  • My other question is where the Jays payroll will end up this season? We are sitting somewhere around $110 million at the moment. Ken Rosenthal figures we are looking for another starting pitcher. Personally I'm not too unhappy with the idea of J.A. Happ as the 5th starter. If we are looking to sign a free agent starter, that would take us to somewhere around $120 million.
  • If money is no object, we could use a left fielder, a DH and maybe a better second baseman. If we want to keep the payroll where it is, Gose and Davis could platoon in left field. Lind and someone could platoon at DH. Maicer Izturis and Which ever catcher gets traded could be used to fill one of those holes.
  • Josh Johnson's agent may think he's going to be flipped, but no chance. Johnson is the most important piece in this trade.