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Melk Bag Links Saturday Nov 17, 2012

It's the end of the week and AA delivers another surprise. OF Melky Cabrera gets a 2yr/$16 mil contract from the Jays. As pointed out, this is the largest FA contract AA has ever handed out. AA wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to focus on player acquisition instead of getting a manager.


Some links have been duplicated in other threads.


Melky Cabrera and the oddest goodbye ever - McCovey Chronicles
Gigantes fans say goodbye to a player who provided the fire for their World Series Win (but not in the way one would think.)

Sox didn't pursue Melky Cabrera
A look at the MelkMan's signing from a (sigh) BoSox perspective. The Sox need outfielders, but two of the lower cost, shorter term options have already gone. Like any Jays fan cares, but it is nice to see the Sox getting AA blocked for a change.


Twitter / ShiDavidi: To clarify, paperwork in
Latest from Shi. "To clarify, paperwork in #Jays-#Marlins deal filed for approval. Swap not official yet. Possible this weekend, Monday may be more likely."

Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos has (unofficially) turned over one-quarter of his team’s 25-man roster over the past several days - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
John Paul Morosi looks at the Jays and looks at the questions still plaguing the team. Some of the questions are obvious (New Manager?!?! Adam Lind? Starting Pitching?) to Jays fans but not Morosi's intended audience which are non Jays fans.

Dissecting The Blockbuster Trade Between The Blue Jays And The Marlins " MLB reports
Another look at the MegaDEAL. AA mode should be used all the time.

The Southpaw: Oh. My. God.
Southpaw's reaction to the MegaDeal.

Sources: Miami Marlins broke promises to Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
Kenny Ken Ken writes about two rather unhappy former Marlins who found out what a promise from Loria is worth. Surprisingly, it is worthless.

Vetoing a trade won’t fix Miami
Hardball Times looks at the trade and what it means. The author expects a better owner or better standard of conduct for the Marlins. I agree, but good luck with that. Forget it Chris, it's Loria.

Prospect Impact: Toronto Blue Jays | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
FG looks at the fantasy impact of the megadeal on Jays players.

Mayor Of Miami Writes Letter To Bud Selig Imploring Him To Stop The Marlins Trade
It's not just Marlins fans and baseball bloggers that are mad at Jeffrey Loria for gutting the Marlins roster yet again. Now the Mayor of Miami is lobbying for Bud Selig to prevent the Marlins from sticking the city of Miami with a brand new stadium that nobody wants to go to because the team's roster keeps getting crappier with each passing day. (NSFW from Deadspin.)


Ben Cherington, knock them over -
Crazy plan, the Red Sox sign a bunch of top notch FAs for top dollar but on one year contracts so they can protect their precious prospects and keep their fiscal flexibility. Um... okay. There is already the sand in the ointment so to speak. The Jays signed Melky.


Chipper Jones Has His Own Theories On JFK's Assassination
For the sake of pointing and laughing at Tom's least favorite Brave.

Cult Favorite Player: American League East - Baseball Nation
Our esteemed leader Tom Dakers Contributed to this article with his take on Lunchbox.