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Today In Bluebird Banter History

Today in Jays history we made trades for Rajai Davis and Marco Scutaro, which a week ago would have sounded like bigger trades than they do now.

Jason O. Watson

One Year Ago:

With the unveiling of the new Blue Jay uniform, Minor Leaguer took a look at the franchise history of uniforms and logos. Part two came along a the next day.

Also a year ago, Marc Hulet suggested Casey Janssen 'Could Be the Key Man in the 2012 Bullpen'. Turns out he was right.

Two Years Ago:

The Jays traded for Rajai Davis, sending Trystan Magnuson and Daniel Farquhar to Oakland. Since then both Magnuson and Farquhar have made it back into the Jays system. A pretty great trade.

Four Years Ago:

Hugo and some guy with the unusual name of Rincewind talk about the problem spots that Jays needed to fix before the 2009 season.

Also four years ago, Hugo talked about who the Jays should pick up to fill the shortstop position. J.J. Hardy would have been a heck of a pickup. I mostly point it out for the headline, possibly the longest headline in BBB history.

Five Years Ago:

Actually, five years ago tomorrow, but close enough, J.P. Ricciardi traded Kristian Bell (Veronica Mars?) and Graham Godfrey to the A's for Marco Scutaro.