A simple question

Hello fellow Jays fans. I have a simple question after a brief introduction.

My name is Terrence and I am a 23-year-old sports writer in Texas. I have only been a baseball fan since about 2006. In 2006 I read a story in Sports Illustrated on the stolen base coming back to baseball. Who was highlighted in that story, Jose Reyes.

From that point forward I began following Reyes and the New York Mets. I was a mets fan through the up and, mostly, downs. When Reyes signed with Miami last offseason...I joined him. I rooted for the frustratingly horrible Marlins all last season.

After the blockbuster trade of this offseason, I am now hopping ship to the Blue Jays. I know people won't think I am a true fan and I can deal with that. I do have one simple request for you guys.

Where should I go to find any and all Blue Jays history? What is the basic knowledge and Blue Jays fans should know? And also, how are the gamethreads here on BB? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for welcoming me to be BlueBirds fan,


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