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Cold November Rain Sunday Links November 17, 2012

It started off slow, but the off season has exploded due to the Megadeal and the arrival of the Melkman. Links for your Sunday Reading Pleasure.

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Hum and Chuck: X-Mas Comes Early: Massive Blue Jays Trade
Joanna's take on the MegaDeal.

Hum and Chuck: Slater Buerhle Can't Come Play
Joanna looks at Taxes and Dogs, Buerhle's dogs in particular. Gotta love those US reporters making hay about Taxes.

The Blue Jay Hunter: The Melky Way: Cabrera Signs with the Blue Jays
Blue Jay Hunter's take on the deal. I agree with Ian. I think it is a great deal regardless whether Melky can contribute at his MVP like value. This contract will not cause fiscal lactose intolerance.

Toronto Blue Jays’ trade with Marlins comes with plenty of risk | MLB | Sports | National Post
Buzz Killington, er, John Lott looks at the deal and its risks.

Toronto Blue Jays trade: Miami Marlins fans are not happy | MLB | Sports | National Post
Captain Obvious'ed that one. Who would be happy? Promises were made. Promises that were broken. And Miami taxpayers are on the hook for a load of money.

Should the Toronto Blue Jays fear Bud Selig’s ‘best interests of baseball’ powers? | MLB | Sports | National Post
The National Post looks at Bud's role in the deal as Toronto and Miami await the thumbs up or down from the everyone's favorite commish.

No matter how you slice it, Jays win megatrade with Marlins - The Globe and Mail
Jeff Blair looks at the Megadeal. Seems positive about it.

Anthopoulos gives Melky a second chance - The Globe and Mail
Blair again. This time on the MelkMan Deal.

Blue Jays: The ripple effects of Jays-Marlins trade in AL East -
Zwolinski looks at how the rest of the MLB is affected by this deal. Can't say I'm unhappy with what he lists. Hee hee.

Blue Jays trade: Why Marlins fans should stop crying foul -
Perkins goes all Samuel L. Jackson on Miami fans in part by invoking LeBron.

Toronto Blue Jays: Plenty of experienced managers available: Griffin -
Griff looks at the list of available experienced MLB managers. Much of the list is not pretty.

Brazil rolls past Colombia to reach qualifier final | News
Ex Jay Yan Gomes leads Brazil to a win over Colombia.

A closer look at the players headed to Miami Marlins in... |
Marlins fans don't get a lot of a closer look. Heck BBB's prospect list provides a much more detailed listing of the Jays going the other way than this.