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Sunday Bantering: Blue Jay Rumors

Some rumors to pass the time while watching football.

Doug Benc

So we have 3 things going on at the moment, we are waiting for the big trade to be finalized (and waiting and waiting), waiting for the Melky Cabrera signing to be official and waiting for Alex to tell us who the new manager will be. Wouldn't it be funny if all three happened at the same time? One big press conference, to introduce our new players and then, surprise, here is our new manager. I could see it happening.

I'm thinking Selig will give the green light for the trade Monday. That would seem like the right amount of time to pretend to be making deliberations. Let the MLB save a little face in Miami.

The Star gives us the latest on the manager search, telling us that Buster Olney's post that Jim Tracy and Jim Riggleman are finalists likely isn't right:

When contacted by The Star on Saturday, Anthopoulos declined to comment on the rumour directly, as per his policy.

"But as I've said many times before: if you hear a rumour about us, it's almost always not true. When reports are accurate is when things are done. That's something I've always maintained since I've been here."

Thank goodness, of the two I'd rather have Riggleman but I don't want either of them.

Also in the Star, Brendan Kennedy talks to Pat Gillick about hiring Cito Gaston. Kind of interesting that Gillick had to be talked into hiring Gaston.

Richard Griffin has a list of all guys that have managed a team, since 2000, and are not managing right now, since Alex has said he wants someone with experience. Any one there you are interested in?

Michael Silverman, at the Boston Herald web page, has a few little Blue Jay rumors:

Also, keep an eye on the Blue Jays on the starting pitching front, even with the additions of Johnson and Buehrle. Two free agents that could come into play there are Anibal Sanchez and Edwin Jackson.

Another starting pitcher would be great but I doubt we'd add that much more to our payroll. But then I wasn't expecting the $120 million we are at now.

With John Buck headed over to the Blue Jays, that means Toronto has three catchers on its roster: Buck, J.P. Arencibia and Travis D'Arnaud. And, yes, the Blue Jays are already shopping any of those three, but leaning toward Arencibia or D'Arnaud.

I think Buck will be flipped pretty quick. That's just my thinking, JP would have more trade value.

Mark Simon at takes a look Melky Cabrera, he likes pitches low in the strike zone and Torii Hunter.

Jose Reyes looks good in Blue Jay colors.

Have a good Sunday, I know the site is running slow at the moment. The tech people are on it.