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The Blockbuster Trade Is Officially Completed

Huge trade. Who was just complaining that the Jays weren't giving us anything to talk about.

Josh Johnson and Jose Reyes from a 2012 Marlins promotional poster.
Josh Johnson and Jose Reyes from a 2012 Marlins promotional poster.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The trade is as reported, though the Jays aren't saying how much money isn't coming with the players, but it is likely the $8 million that has been reported. Also Joel Carreno is DFA to make room on the roster.To summarize:

To Toronto Blue Jays:
SP Mark Buehrle, SP Josh Johnson, SS Jose Reyes, IF/OF Emilio Bonifacio, C John Buck + an undisclosed amount of cash considerations

To Miami Marlins:
SS Yunel Escobar, SS Adeiny Hechavarria, SP Henderson Alvarez, C Jeff Mathis, P Justin Nicolino, OF Jake Marisnick, P Anthony DeSclafani

Let's just briefly look at the payroll transfer:

Mark Buehrle: $12 million 2013, $19 million 2014, $20 million 2015.

Josh Johnson: $13.75 million 2013.

Jose Reyes: $10 million 2013, $16 million 2014, $22 million 2015, $22 million 2016, $22 million 2017.

John Buck: $6.5 million 2013

Emilio Bonifacio: Arbitration 2nd year 2013, Arbitration 3rd year 2014.

So that's $42.25 million in contracts for 2013, plus whatever Bonifacio gets, let's guess $2.5 million making it $44.75 million in contracts going to the Jays for next season.

Buehrle and Reyes are the only ones with a contract for 2014, but they add up to $42 million. Jose gets $22 million in 2015 and 2016.

Going to the Marlins:

Yunel Escobar: $5 million 2013, club options for 2014-15 at $5 million a year.

Jeff Mathis:$1.5 million 2013.

Henderson Alvarez: $482,900.

Adeiny Hechavarria: $2.75 million.

So we are adding roughly $36 million to our payroll for this season, minus what ever the Marlins sent along with the players.