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Marty Brown Named Manager Of Blue Jays AAA Affiliate Buffalo Bisons

The Toronto Blue Jays have tapped Marty Brown to continue managing their AAA affiliate.

Coca Cola Field, Home of the Bisons
Coca Cola Field, Home of the Bisons
Buffalo Bisons

The Toronto Blue Jays have finally named a manager--not for themselves, but for their AAA affiliate Buffalo Bisons. Although the Blue Jays announced at the beginning of the off-season that they were going to evaluate all their minor league coaches and managers, it was expected that Marty Brown would move with the AAA affiliate from Las Vegas to Buffalo in 2013.

Brown played in the major leagues back in the late 80's and early 90's and played second base beside Cal Ripken at the beginning of Cal's career.

The Bisons management is familiar with Brown as he was their manager from 2003-2005 when they were a Cleveland Indians affiliate. Under his leadership, the Bisons won the 2004 International League championships

Brown was brought back to North America from Japan by the Blue Jays in 2011 to manage the Las Vegas 51s. Tom did an interview with him last season: here are parts one, two, and three. He was selected to manage the Pacific Coast League All-Star team in 2012.

You can meet manager Marty Brown tomorrow evening in Buffalo's Coca Cola Field right after they unveil their new team logo and uniforms.