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Roster Moves: Blue Jays Add Ryan Goins and A.J. Jimenez To 40-Man

With the deadline for setting rosters for the Rule 5 draft upon us, the Jays make some moves.

Mike may be flying the friendly skies for some other team.
Mike may be flying the friendly skies for some other team.
Tom Szczerbowski

In preparation for the Rule 5 draft the Jays have added shortstop Ryan Goins and catcher A.J. Jimenez to the 40-man roster.

To make room the Jays removed DFA first baseman Mike McDade, frequent flier Mike McCoy and right-handed pitcher Cory Wade.

The surprise, to me, is Mike McDade. I still habour hopes for him, I think he could be a decent major league bat, and would be a possible pickup for some team in the Rule 5 draft. I guess it might be tough to keep him on a major league roster for the full season, but if I was the Astros or someone like that I'd gladly grab him. I guess McCoy could be useful for someone too, but he wouldn't be a big loss for the Jays.

Jimenez had to get added to the roster, he'd be a good pick up for someone. Goins? I can't see anyone wanting him to take him, but you never know, and he is a decent prospect.

By my count we should be at 39 on the 40-man roster. I wonder if Alex is leaving himself an opening in case there is someone he likes available in the draft? I doubt he would pick someone up, but you never know with Alex.

As noted, I was wrong about the numbers on the 40-man, we are full at 40 so there won't be a Rule 5 pickup.