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Contest Winner For Guess When The Jays Name Their Manager

Well, I was way off.

We still don't have a picture from yesterday's press conference.
We still don't have a picture from yesterday's press conference.
Ezra Shaw

Who won our little guessing game on when the new manager would be named? Well, not me. I picked November 29th, mostly because I knew I'd be out of town and the Jays like to make news when I'm on the road, a long way from a computer. It seems to be a pattern. If I'm driving somewhere, on a highway, miles from any town, that's when the Jays will make a trade or fire someone.

The time stamp on the Blue Jays' press release was November 20th at 8:32 Eastern. A few people guessed that the new manager would be named November 20: llello.loves.ace, Minor Leaguer, Joey Kirby, expos&nordiques4ever, ddbumpus. Of course the last 2 were just trying to 'Price is Right' Minor Leaguer out of the win, but no where in the rules did I say 'closest to without going over'.

The closest to the time stamp is Minor Leaguer who guessed 9:00 am, missing by just 28 minutes minutes. expos&nordiques4ever said 9:01 (29 minutes off) and ddbumpus said 9:02 (30 minutes) and Kirby's was 8:00, 32 minutes off.

Congratulations ML, take your award out of petty cash. I noticed there was 2 buttons and a paper clip in the petty cash box.

So the next contest is to guess how many of last year's coaching staff will be named to this year's team. Extra points for naming the ones that stay. Give us your best guess