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Jays Sign Julio Izturis Not César Izturis

Which Izturis did we sign?

Cesar Izturis who, apparently isn't a Jay.
Cesar Izturis who, apparently isn't a Jay.

Mike Cormack is reporting that the Izturis that the Jays signed the other day is Julio not César. Julio is 23 year old middle infielder that played A ball last year in the Giants system. César is 33 and would have come to spring training looking to win a spot on the bench.

Julio is also a brother of Maicer who the Jays signed a 3 year, $9 million contract with earlier in November.

This stuff is just too confusing.

Checking with the Jays, Cormack is right, we signed Julio Izturis. We should sign César too, then we can open with three of a kind.

Addendum (by Minor Leaguer)

Late last night, I reported that the Blue Jays have reportedly signed Maicer Izturis' older brother César based on a tweet from Matt Eddy of Baseball America and other reports by the mainstream media. Because of these reports from reputable sources from both Toronto and American, I thought it was likely that Eddy was correct. I would like to sincerely apologize for my mistake of not including the word "report" in the title of my previous post to indicate the non-official nature of the signing. I did indicate the uncertainty in the article itself. It was a mistake and I will ensure that this does not happen again.

The confusion probably arose because Julio Izturis' middle name is--wait for it--Cesar. I haven't found a reliable source, but it appears that all three Izturis brothers are half-brothers, sharing a father but each having a different mother.

Julio Cesar Izturis, 23, is nine years younger than big brother César and middle brother Maicer. He signed with the San Francisco Giants at age 16 and played with their Dominican Summer League team until age 19 when he went to the United States to play for the rookie-level Arizona League Giants. He did not play affiliated baseball in 2012, his last two pro seasons were 2010 and 2011 with the Giants' short-season A affiliate. There is not much information on him, but judging by his numbers he was probably signed as organizational depth. It is unlikely that he will make an impact on the Major League team.

But I think Matt Eddy just gave Alex Anthopoulos a great idea. I was quite positive about the reported signing of César, because he would do well in AAA but still be able to be called up in case of injuries. I would think that he would exhaust his options for a Major League contract first and won't agree to a minor league deal until later in the offseason.