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It's Friday, Friday Gotta Get Down On Friday Nov. 23, 2012 Links!

It's been another busy week for Blue Jays fans as a name from the past returns as manager. As strange as it sounds, there is a lot of happiness among Blue Jays fans in AA's choice of John Gibbons. The loudest dissenting voice came from an "rival AL East GM" who spoke into the ear of Hey Hey Heyman.

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Blair: Return of the most underrated manager in Blue Jays history - The Globe and Mail
Blair writes an analysis of Gibby. I don't disagree with it, for a change. I liked Gibby when he was here. It seemed to me he was always hamstrung by the low payrolls (especially compared to the Bosox and Yanks) but he never howled loudly about it.

Blue Jays going back to the future with new manager John Gibbons - The Globe and Mail
Jeff Blair looks at John Gibbons. Makes him sound like he's the Blue Jays equivalent of Linus' Blanket.

The Blue Jay Hunter: John Gibbons is Back with the Blue Jays
Ian looks at the Gibby signing. He likes it too.

The Southpaw: Gibby rides again!
Southpaw looks at GIbby. Another happy blogger.

John Gibbons safe — but sound — choice to manage Blue Jays: Griffin -
Former PR Guy's take on the Gibby signing.

Hum and Chuck: "Are You Kidding?" Gibbons Rehired.
Joanna looks at the return of Gibby.

Cito, Buck, And Why September 2010 Doesn’t Matter | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
DJF destroys narrative in their own (read NSFW) way.

What’s left on the Blue Jays’ off-season to-do list -
Kennedy looks at what is left of the Jays to do list. There's not a lot left and it's not even the Winter Meetings..

GMs Talk Starting Pitching Depth: MLB Rumors -
Teams that need it really want it, but teams that have it aren't quick to give it up.

What did the Marlins actually get in return?
We all know that the Marlins' latest fire sale was a disaster on a moral level, but how did it pan out baseball-wise?

Instead, they appear to have settled for quantity over quality, and that makes the trade feel like the Marlins came up a little short on the deal. I believe Marisnick, Hechavarria and Nicolino can become nice players, but none will lead a competitive Marlins team a few years from now. And the Marlins don't have too much left to trade to help the rebuilding process.

Are relievers across baseball consistently improving?
The gap between runs allowed by starters and relievers seems to be increasing. Why?

Blue Jays Notes: Gibbons, Coaches, Payroll, Buck: MLB Rumors -
MLBTR links to an article by Hey Hey Heyman.

"I don't understand the lure of John Gibbons," one rival GM said. "All he did was [tick] off Ted Lilly." "The AL East has some real managing stars. Joe Maddon. Buck Showalter. Joe Girardi. Even Toronto's old guy, John Farrell," the rival continued. "I'd say Gibbons is fifth." (For those not mathematically inclined, there are only five.)

Um... okay.


Baseball History - November 23rd - National Pastime - Baseball History
2007 While visiting his wife's family and scheduled to be the best man at a wedding later in the day, Joe Kennedy awakes and collapses in the bedroom at 1:00 am and dies unexpectedly. The 6'4", 250-pound Blue Jays southpaw reliever, who signed with the club in September after being released by the Diamondbacks, also played for the A's, Rockies, and Devil Rays during his seven-year career.

10 greatest LCS Game Fours ever
Continuing the look at the greatest games in LCS history, here are the best Game Fours

#4 1992 ALCS: Oct. 11, 1992: Blue Jays 7, A’s 6 (11) This game featured one of the greatest comebacks in postseason history. Heading into the top of the eighth, Oakland led easily, 6-1, over the visiting Blue Jays. Oakland, winners of three of the last four AL pennants, would tie up this ALCS at two games apiece with a win. Instead, Roberto Alomar led off the eighth with a double and then stole third. That was enough to force starting pitcher Bob Welch from the game. Then the next batter singled, as did the next. That was it for reliever Jeff Parrott; time for the big gun, ace closer Dennis Eckersley. Eck couldn’t close it out tonight, though, and allowed two more singles. Five straight Jays had gotten hits, and the score was 6-4. That was the score entering the ninth. Eckersley, apparently settled down after his rough start, was still in the game to get the save. Well, things didn’t work out like that. After a leadoff single by Devon White, Alomar crushed a two-run homer to tie it. In the space of 10 batters over two innings, Toronto had scored five runs. Two innings later Toronto scored the go-ahead run to win it, just like they would win the pennant and World Series that year.

Seems fitting consider it is fourth on a list of Game Fours. If there was ever one moment that changed a franchise then this game was it. The anger I felt watching Eck "gunning" down pinch hitter Ed Sprague on what seemed to me a "reputation" strike call made the schadenfreude of Roberto's 2 run HR in the 9th taste all that sweeter.