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Tuesday Bantering: Janssen, Oliver and Marvin Miller

Little bits of stuff.


So I wake up this morning to the new that Casey Janssen had "successful shoulder surgery", which makes me wonder when my parents started running the Blue Jay. This is exactly like my parents.

Last year my dad had surgery to fix up a blocked colon, pretty major surgery and, of course, they tell me after. "We didn't want to worry you". Trying to explain to my parents that I've passed the age that they should be protecting me from the harsh realities of the world is not worth the battle. The only reason they told me about it at all is because the surgery was successful. If it wasn't successful, I wouldn't have heard about it at all.

Anyway, that how the Jays are treating us, we find out that players have had surgery after it happens. They don't want to worry us. It does seem like very minor surgery, which makes me wonder why we couldn't have been told before hand.

A media person covering the Texas Rangers tweeted that Darren Oliver would play one more season 'if the Jays trade him to the Rangers. I'm not going to name the member of the media, because the last time we got into this stuff, it didn't go well. But I still don't understand how you tweet something like this without giving us a clue about where the information comes from. To me there is 4 possibilities:

  1. It came from Oliver himself.
  2. It came from someone close to Oliver.
  3. It came from someone in the Rangers organization.
  4. It came from the writer's imagination.

Now if it came from 1 or 2, I'm sure the writer would say 'Darren Oliver tells us...' or 'Sources close to Darren Oliver tell us...' which leads me to believe that 3 or 4 is the right answer. It worked well for the Red Sox. Why negotiate with Alex when you can do it through the media.

I don't know, maybe Darren Oliver does only want to pitch if he can go back to the Rangers, but if so, why wouldn't he just go to Alex and tell him that? Why do it through the media? I don't understand why he wouldn't be straight forward with the Jays.

Marvin Miller, former head of the Major League Baseball Player's Association (don't call us a union) passed away early this morning. He was 95. So he lived a good long life. The tragedy is that he wasn't put into the Hall of Fame while he was alive. That he wasn't says a lot more about the people voting than it does about Miller. Reggie Jackson said 'only players should go into the Hall', clearly not understanding that builders have been going into the Hall since the beginning. Reggie would have never made the millions of dollars he got from baseball without Miller. Nor would he have been able to become a Yankee, if Miller hadn't got the players the right of free agency.

The argument that Hall of Fame players should get to vote on who goes into the Hall makes sense until you actually listen to one.

There are a lot of great lines on tweet about Miller and the Hall but this is my favorite:

Like the Road Runner, Miller beat Kuhn on every turn.

From the MLBPA's press release:

Marvin served as Executive Director from 1966-82. During his tenure, and through the collective bargaining process, Marvin led players to unprecedented levels of improved pension and health benefits and compensation, while also providing players a greater voice in the rules and regulations of the game. It is often said that Marvin helped form and create one of the strongest unions in American labor history.