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Hall of Fame Poll: Jeff Bagwell

Do you think that Jeff Bagwell should be in the Hall of Fame.

Jeff Bagwell
Jeff Bagwell
Bob Levey

The Hall of Fame ballot has come out and we are going to run a series of polls to see who we would vote into the Hall. I'm going to try to put the polls into a storystream so they don't fill up the whole page.

I'm going to go in alphabetical order, but I'm going to skip Antonio Alfonseca and Sandy Alomar.

Alfonseca was a pretty good reliever, pitched 11 years in the majors, 592 game, all in relief. He had 129 saves, 1134 of them coming in in a 4 year stretch from 1999 to 2002 with the Florida Marlins. He had a career 4.11 ERA, 250 walks, 400 strikeouts in 613 innings. A nice career, but not a Hall of Fame career.

Alomar, who was in the runner for the Jays manager job or, at least, we thought he was in the running for the job. He had a 20 year major league career, but he wasn't the starting catcher most of those years. He only played in 100+ game in 4 of those 20 seasons. He played for 7 different teams, had a .273/.309/.406 line, 112 home runs, 588 RBI. I don't think anyone would call him a Hall of Famer.

Now Jeff Bagwell is a real candidate for the Hall. He played 15 seasons with the Astros, playing first base. He hit 297/.408/.540 with 499 home runs, 1529 RBI, 202 stolen bases in 2150 games.

Jeff played in 4 All-Star games, was NL Rookie of the Year in 1991 and NL MVP in 1994. He has 1 Gold Glove and 3 Silver Slugger Awards. Baseball Reference has his career WAR at 71.6, which would be 47th all-time.

There are suggestions that Bagwell used PEDs. I don't think there is any proof, that he used but he was friends with Ken Caminiti