Blue Jays All Time Lineups (WAR/UBR/UZR)

Bored. Waiting for the season to start.

What to do?

Answer: Create three greatest season lineups based on Fangraphs WAR, UBR and UZR.

First lineup is the GOAT lineup - best single season WAR by position - minimum 120 games.

Position Year Name WAR
1B 1993 John Olerud 8.4 Highest WAR by a Blue Jay ever
2B 1992 Roberto Alomar 6.6 Catch the taste!
3B 1988 Kelly Gruber
Gruber kinda looked like Dave Coulier - maybe it was just the mullet
1990 Tony Fernandez
Is it too late for a 5th go-around with the Jays?
2011 Jose Bautista
8.3 Jose is one of three people to win the Hank Aaron in back to back seasons
CF 1984 Lloyd Moseby
7.5 Shaker was 3rd in MLB for WAR in '84(Ripken, Sandberg)
LF 1987 George Bell
5.6 "Kiss my purple (butt)" One of the great inspirational sports quotes.
C 1983 Ernie Whitt
3.8 Whitt was the longest tenured Jay who was claimed in the expansion draft.
DH 1993 Paul Molitor
5.2 Probably the only player who could get subbed in for the batting champ and you go "Oh, well that makes sense"

Next up is the 80s lineup - the best single season base runners.

Position Year Name UBR
1B 1986 Willie Upshaw
2.5 In 2005 Shea Hillenbrand also had 2.5 UBR, thought Willie would get a long better with the manager though.
2B 1991 Roberto Alomar 6.2 Still get chills thinking about the homer against Eck
3B 2003 Eric Hinske
On BR Hinske is ranked 1198 for batters, one spot ahead of Ivan Calderon(RIP), I liked Calderon, hmm.
2006 Aaron Hill
Too early to tell who won the Hill - Johnson trade?
2007 Alex Rios
4.8 Summary: Top prospect ,1 HR, All Star, Staph, $70 Million, Waivers
CF 2004 Vernon Wells
5.8 Vernon Wells is best known for his roles in Mad Max 2 and Commando
LF 2012 Rajai Davis
6.8 This may be the only time that Rajai or any 2012 Blue Jay makes an all-time list
C 2000 Darrin Fletcher
0.3 My wish list for a Blue Jay announce team: Dan Shulman, John Cerutti (RIP) and Fletch.
DH 1994 Paul Molitor
4 Our 3B reminds me a bit of Molly. HOF here we come.

And lastly here is the Mariners lineup, why score 'em when you can prevent 'em.

Position Year Name UZR
1B 1987 Willie Upshaw
14 Not enough ball players named Willie now, ones as good as Upshaw would be even better.
2B 2004 Orlando Hudson
15.9 O-Dawg pimpin' the best fielding second base spot.
3B 1988 Kelly Gruber
Deion was out!!!
2008 Marco Scutaro
Wow Scutaro has even better SS stats than Derek Jeter!
1987 Jesse Barfield
25 It's about time someone replaced Chuck Norris for internet memedom, I nominate Jesse's right arm.
CF 1992 Devon White
33 I once went to Jamaica for work, trying to find common ground with the locals I mentioned that Devo was from Jamaica and one of my favorite players ever. They didn't know who he was, I was sad. Also Deion was out!
LF 2000 Shannon Stewart
17 Remember when Shannon got traded to the Twins and got hot, he finished fourth in MVP voting, weird.
C 1983 Ernie Whitt
16 Go Team Canada!
DH 1990 George Bell
3 I know it is weird to have a DH on the all defense team, but Jorge wasn't very good at defense, so it works.

There you have it, three all time Blue Jays Lineups. What would your batting orders be? Any surprises? Stay tuned for the Worst of All Time lineups.

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