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Hump Day Blue Jays Links - November 28

Derek Bell in 1992
Derek Bell in 1992

Not much time to write anything but here are a few readings for you from elsewhere:

Pitcher Study: Josh Johnson - FanGraphs Baseball
Jack Moore looks at Josh Johnson's decrease in fastball usage in the last couple of years. He is projected as a #2-type guy unless his velocity goes back up next year.

It’s the New Jays (In Uniform!) - Drunk Jays Fans

Andrew Stoeten put up the cover of tomorrow's issue of Sportsnet magazine, featuring five new Jays in uniform. Real photo or were they Photoshopped in?

The First Base Conundrum - 500 Level Fan

An upper deck Blue Jays scholar compares the main first basemen in Blue Jays history. Key quote "the Adam Lind era is responsible for the WORST OPS since Doug Ault."

Every Moustache in Blue Jays History - The Blue Jay Hunter

Ian Hunter posted this right after the MMMM links post went up. If you are a Jays fan then you should do yourself a favour and take a look at all the fabulous 'staches. I'm sure that Ian didn't get them all. Some of the missing are identified in the comments--can you think of any others?

Brian Butterfield’s dream job was to be Blue Jays manager - Toronto Star
We were all sad to see Brian Butterfield go, but after reading this Richard Griffin piece, I think he was sadder. Again, I hope that Jays fans down at the Rogers Centre will give him big cheers when he returns to Toronto.

Jays' Janssen not worried about shoulder -
Shi Davidi chatted with Casey Janssen, who just had his right clavicle shaved down to relieve soreness. Janssen said that the "Mumford Procedure" he underwent was just like an "oil change" and that he is not worried at all about his health for next Spring Training.

The Ballot - Getting Blanked
Drew Adequateservice posted the full Hall of Fame ballot onto Getting Blanked this morning. If you haven't noticed, Tom is doing a player-by-player poll here.