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Mark Buehrle On Being A Blue Jay

Mark Buehrle spoke to the media this morning by conference call, here are some of the highlights.

Mark Buehrle
Mark Buehrle
Alex Trautwig

Mark Buehrle talked to the Blue Jays media by conference call this morning. Some of what he said:

  • At first he was "shocked and surprised" by the trade.
  • Now: "I think it's sunk in. It's kind of become real. I'm liking what Alex is doing"
  • On pitbulls: "It is going to be an obstacle, I don't agree with the ban."
  • He tries to 'lead by example'. Wouldn't "call a team meeting' but would 'answer a question' for a teammate.
  • Never been on the DL, never had arm troubles.
  • On Toronto: "It's a great city. It's one of my favorite places to go."
  • He's not worried about taxes.
  • His wife was unsure about the trade, at first, mostly because of the pit bull ban, but has come around on things.
  • On Josh Johnson: "he's a stud, if healthy. Top of the line starter."
  • On Jose Reyes: "he wants to play everyday. He's energetic. Everyone is going to like him."
  • Bonifacio is "goofy". "Always dancing".'Comfortable playing center field".
  • "The AL East is tough. Right now I'm liking the team."